Orange Harvest

In the depths of winter, the mild Mediterranean climate sees orange trees filled with golden fruits – balls of sunshine that light up the streets of Seville. From these bitter oranges comes a fragrant ribbon with an array of benefits.

Through its Ruban d'Orange range, L’OCCITANE brings sunshine to winter, with citrus essential oils from Seville and Sicily.

The bitter orange tree is a common sight in Andalusia, where it adorns winter gardens and is found along the roadsides in cities like Seville.

For its Ruban d'Orange Eau de Toilette, L’OCCITANE sources the bitter orange essential oil from Seville, and Mandarin and Sweet Orange essential oils from Sicily.

Did you know ?
Citrus fruit essential oils are obtained by cold expression of the peel: the skin of citrus fruits contains tiny glands, rich in essential oils, which are released when the surface of the peel is scratched or by shaking the fruits energetically.