In ancient times, Mediterranean women would use oils in which rose petals had been steeped, to perfume their skin and keep it fresh and beautiful. Both legendary and timeless, the rose has become the "queen of flowers" and an endless source of creativity for perfumers. Its many facets inspired a collection of three Eaux de Toilette, in every shade of femininity, from the most romantic to the most mysterious and captivating.

We source our essential oil of A.O.C. fine lavender
from Haute-Provence directly from farmers' cooperatives in Sault and the surrounding area.

Did you know ?
The difference between the absolute, the concrete and the essential oil:
• The essential oil is the volatile aromatic substance extracted from a botanical source. It is a true concentrate and, in the case of rose essential oil, is obtained through steam distillation of the freshly picked flowers.
• The concrete is obtained through extraction using volatile solvents. It takes 300 to 400 kg of flowers to produce 1 kg of rose concrete, and 4 to 5 tons to produce 1 kg of essential oil!
• The absolute is the essence prepared from the concrete by extraction with alcohol.