Ambre Eau de Parfum

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Ambre Eau de Parfum


A true Mediterranean fragrance. When the sun is slowly setting above the Mediterranean shore, cistus plants fill the air with their delicious ambered perfume. Distilled by perfumers from Grasse, France, these shrubs release a resin with an intense amber aroma - providing strength and sensuality to every fragrance.Amber Eau de Parfum is a captivating oriental fragrance which marries the sweetness of vanilla with a bouquet of bergamot, freesia and cedar.


Throughout 40 years of heritage, L’OCCITANE has gathered the most beautiful scents from all over Provence to create many fragrances, each one made with a unique touch. With the collection Les Classiques de L’Occitane, the brand is going back to its roots, resurrecting its iconic scents from the past. Rediscover your favourite fragrance with Amber, Eau des 4 Voleurs, and Eau D’Iparie. Les Classiques de L'OCCITANE

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