Face Care

At L’OCCITANE, we gather inspiration from nature. Our natural face care products give you the perfect complexion you are craving for! Perfect for every skin type, their natural reveal a fresh skin that is radiant and healthy

Face Care (86)

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Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum
30ml | 305 AED
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Immortelle Reset Eye Serum
15ml | 289 AED
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Immortelle Divine Anti Aging Cream
50ml | 489 AED
Divine Cream Mask
65ml | 555 AED
Immortelle Divine Cream light texture SPF 20
Immortelle Divine Eye Balm
15ml | 375 AED
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Immortelle Divine Eyes
15ml | 335 AED
Divine Youth Oil
30ml | 489 AED
Immortelle Divine Serum
499 AED
Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream
125ml | 189 AED
Divine Harmony Serum Refill
30ml | 699 AED
Divine Harmony Cream Refill
50ml | 649 AED

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