Anti-aging Skincare

We haven’t yet found the fountain of youth, but we’ve found the next best thing - natural anti aging skincare that is gentle on skin but tough on wrinkles. Using powerful essential oils, L’OCCITANE’s creams, serums and masks protect mature skin from external aggressors while smoothing out the most prevalent fine lines on the forehead, eyes and mouth.

Anti-aging Skincare (17)

Immortelle Precious Fluid
50ml | 299 AED
Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream
125ml | 189 AED
Immortelle Divine Eye Balm
15ml | 375 AED
Divine Cream Mask
65ml | 555 AED
Divine Harmony Cream Refill
50ml | 649 AED
Divine Harmony Serum
30ml | 885 AED
Divine Harmony Serum Refill
30ml | 699 AED
Divine Lotion
200ml | 249 AED
Divine Youth Oil
30ml | 489 AED
Immortelle Enriched Water
200ml | 115 AED
Immortelle Essential Water
200ml | 115 AED
Immortelle Precious Overnight Mask

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