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First Signs of Ageing

To visibly correct wrinkles and firmness, L'OCCITANE uses the immortelle flower, which never fades or wilts, even after being picked. Its essential oil is a precious anti-aging elixir, capable of restoring life to the skin.

First Signs of Ageing (7)

Immortelle Precious Cream light texture SPF 20
Immortelle Intense Cleansing Foam
150ml | 135 AED
( 1 review )
Immortelle Precious Night Cream
50ml | 355 AED
( 2 reviews )
Immortelle Precious Eye Balm
15ml | 229 AED
Immortelle Cream Mask
125ml | 355 AED
Immortelle Precious Cream
50ml | 299 AED
( 2 reviews )
Immortelle Precious Serum
30ml | 339 AED

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