Holidays Collection

Get in the holiday spirit with a special collection designed for gifting your loved ones. Discover exclusive gifts, and our bestselling collections now in limited edition packaging.

Holidays Collection (35)

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Refreshing Verbena Collection
179 AED Worth 203 AED
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Delicious Almond Collection
329 AED Worth 366 AED
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Comforting Shea Butter Collection
249 AED Worth 279 AED
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Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection
199 AED Worth 231 AED
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Overnight Reset Collection
305 AED Worth 398 AED
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Home Collection Seasonal Set
149 AED Worth 173 AED
Seasonal Fragrance Trio
99 AED Worth 123 AED
Rose Collection Seasonal Set
135 AED Worth 158 AED

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