Immortelle Milk Makeup Remover

Make-up remover for face, eyes and lips. 

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Immortelle Milk Makeup Remover


Make-up remover for face, eyes and lips. This velvety texture can be used with or without water. Free from make-up and impurities, your face is instantly clear and regains the freshness of young skin. Effectiveness and tolerance dermatologically tested.



Use with or without water.


With water: Apply morning and evening directly to wet skin, massage by light circular movements, then rinse with water. Without water: Apply a small quantity of product to the skin and cleanse using a cotton pad.


It’s the everlasting flower - come what may, the Immortelle’s golden colors remain just as vibrant as their first bloom. Its organic essential oil is rich in active ingredients that have exceptional anti-aging properties. L’OCCITANE has been working to harvest this Corsican beauty organically and sustainably, so we can preserve its vibrancy as it preserves your youth and beauty. Immortelle

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