Discover the one of a kind lip Makeup Collection by L'Occitane, uniquely made and infused with natural ingredients which have inspired our warm and joyful shades. Indulge in the full and extensive vegan lip care routine made for you free of animal cruelty, silicon and enriched with Vitamin - E


Yalda Exclusive Make Up Set
179 AED
Sweet Rosé Make Up Set
199 AED
Provence Sunset Make Up Set
199 AED
Plum-Plum Girl Make Up Set
199 AED
Rouge Craquant Make Up Set
199 AED
Intense Fruity Lipstick - Bare Pomegranate
Intense Fruity Lipstick - Pomelo Kiss
Intense Fruity Lipstick - Sweet Rosé
Delicious Lip Oil - Pink Mecanic
Delicious Lip Oil - Spicy Nude
65 AED
Delicious Lip Oil - Coral
65 AED
Intense Fruity Lipstick - Purple Patch

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