Bath & Body

Our wide variety of natural body moisturizers is the key to a daily moment of reflection. Their silky softness and light scents soothe your troubles away, taking you to a world of natural indulgence. Give your skin the love it deserves!

Bath & Body (224)

Verbena Hand Cleansing Gel
280ml | 79 AED
Verbena Hand Cleansing Gel
65ml | 39 AED
Lavender Hand Cleansing Gel
65ml | 39 AED
Lavender Exfoliating Body Soap
49 AED
Aromachologie Intensive Repair Anti-Frizz Serum
Almond Body Care Routine
249 AED Worth 293 AED
Delicious Almond Body Care Set
225 AED Worth 266 AED
Irresistible Almond Travel Set
109 AED Worth 116 AED
Verbena Shower Set
85 AED Worth 104 AED
Summer Hand Cream Set
119 AED Worth 127 AED
Almond Shampoo
240ml | 95 AED
Almond Shampoo
75ml | 39 AED

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