Made with natural ingredients and inspired by the bountiful and beautiful land of Provence, our products include personal care for the face, body, and hair for both women and men, as well as items for the home, travel, and gifts. Don't forget to check back frequently to discover our new creations.

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Green Tea Eau De Toilette
  • Free Shipping
100ml | 289 AED
3-In-1 Revitalizing Mask
  • New
75ml | 165 AED
Revitalizing Mask - Pod
  • New
6ml | 29 AED
Happy Cherry Eau de Toilette – Limited Edition
Happy Cherry Body Milk – Limited Edition
  • Limited Edition
250ml | 139 AED
Le Petit Remède multi-purpose Balm
100g | 199 AED
Shea Hand Cream x OMY Hand Cream – Limited Edition
  • Limited Edition
30ml | 49 AED
Shea Verbena Liquid Soap
300ml | 75 AED
Reine Blanche Discovery Set
119 AED
SOS Moisture Hair Mask
50ml | 59 AED
SOS Shine Hair Mask
50ml | 59 AED
SOS Split Ends Mask
50ml | 59 AED

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