Cleansers & Toners

Wash away your day with L’OCCITANE’s natural facial cleansers and toners, made with gentle ingredients that go easy on even the most sensitive skin. There’s a formula for every skin type - normal, dry, oily or mature - to softly remove makeup and leave skin feeling fresher and healthier. So take the natural approach to cleansing. Your skin will thank you for it. Double up your cleansing power with L’OCCITANE’s natural face toners that counter the effects of pollution and clear your pores of any leftover dirt and makeup. The light formulas will leave your skin feeling newer and more radiant, no matter what your skin type. People will be asking you where you got that glow from.

Cleansers & Toners (21)

Shea Petit Cleanser
50ml | 49 AED
Immortelle Enriched Water
200ml | 115 AED
Immortelle Essential Water
200ml | 115 AED
Gel To-Foam Facial Cleanser
200ml | 99 AED
Oil-To-Milk Facial Make-Up Remover
200ml | 99 AED
Eyes & Lips Bi-Phasic Make-Up Remover
100ml | 99 AED
Cleansing Milk Make-up Remover
200ml | 99 AED
Cream To-Foam Facial Cleanser
125ml | 99 AED
Aqua Réotier Cream Travel Collection
Reine Blanche Intense Illuminating Foam
50ml | 179 AED
Aqua Réotier Gel Cleanser
195ml | 99 AED
Divine Foaming Cleansing Cream
125ml | 189 AED

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