Bath & Shower

Everyone deserves to feel great about their shower routine. Our line of masculine shower gels and soaps will shake up any shower with a variety of invigorating scents. Infused with wood, spices and herbs, they clean your skin while leaving it touchably soft and smelling great for the whole day.

Bath & Shower (33)

Aromachologie Body & Strength Shampoo
75ml | 35 AED
Aromachologie Body & Strength Scalp Essence
125ml | 145 AED
Lavender Shower Gel
250ml | 89 AED
Aromachologie Body & Strength Shampoo
300ml | 99 AED
Shea Shower Oil
250ml | 119 AED
Verbena Shower Gel Eco-Refill
500ml | 125 AED
Aromachologie Aromatic Deodorant
50ml | 99 AED
Citrus Verbena Shower Gel
250ml | 89 AED
Verbena Shower Gel
70ml | 20 AED 35 AED
Almond Shower Oil
250ml | 119 AED
Almond Shower Oil
500ml | 179 AED
Almond Eco-Refill Shower Oil
500ml | 159 AED

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