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Uneven Skin Tone

L'OCCITANE combines the immortelle flower, which never fades, with the daisy, known as the flower of light. Immortelle brightening skincare works with three key stages of melanin production for a more even and radiant complexion.

Uneven Skin Tone (16)

Reine Blanche Whitening Cream
50ml | 309 AED
Reine Blanche Infusion Whitening Serum
30ml | 369 AED
Immortelle Precious BB Cream SPF30 - Medium shade
40ml | 239 AED
( 2 reviews )
Reine Blanche Illuminating UV Shield SPF50
30ml | 199 AED
Reine Blanche Whitening Sleeping Mask
100ml | 355 AED
Immortelle Precious BB Cream Teint SPF 30 - Light Shade
40ml | 239 AED
( 3 reviews )
Reine Blanche Intense Illuminating Foam
50ml | 179 AED
Divine Harmony Cream
50ml | 749 AED
Divine Harmony Serum
30ml | 885 AED
Divine Harmony Serum Refill
30ml | 699 AED
Divine Lotion
200ml | 249 AED
Immortelle Divine Extract
30ml | 499 AED

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