The Aqua Réotier source


Nestled in the mountainous Haute-Alpes region, the natural spring has uniquely mineral waters, with a big helping of calcium.

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Ultra-thirst quenching gel

Hydrating Power!

Our sparkling gel is rich in water-retaining Calcium and instantly quenches thirsty skin. It acts like a magnet, locking-in 24h lasting hydration*. It is the superpower of our water-based routine that your skin will drink up like a sponge in the desert.

* Corneometry test on 13 women

165.00 AED

8 /10 (96 reviews)
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Two ultra-sensory textures


Our bottle of sparkling gel is as beautiful as it is effective. Made up of thousands of micro-bubbles, the Ultra-Thirsting Gel quenches the thirstiest skins, acting as a magnet for your hydration. If you prefer a creamier texture, the Ultra-Thirsting Cream is for you.

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Step by step, drop-by-drop, our freshness packed routine cleanses and invigorates your skin and delicately preps it for the ultra fresh or creamy smooth moisture coming its way. Revive it with a light spritz anytime – anywhere!

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