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The L’Occitan range celebrates classic Provence and its men. The intense blue of the fields of lavender, the red soil of Roussillon, the sun that tans the skin, the siesta in the shade of the olive trees. The very rawness, rugged and fragrant scents of Provence are reflected in our L'Occitan collection.

L'Occitan (6)

L'Occitan Eau de Toilette
100ml | 289 AED
( 3 reviews )
Aromatic L'Occitan Gift Set
445 AED Value 523 AED
L'Occitan After Shave Balm
75ml | 145 AED
L'Occitan Shower Gel
250ml | 89 AED
L'Occitan Roll-on Deodorant
50ml | 99 AED
L'Occitan Soap For Men
50g | 29 AED

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