Buy now and pay later with Tamara

No interest, no fees, and no hidden charges
No forms to fill or documents to sign
Pay via mada, Visa, Mastercard or even Applepay

Eligible on orders over 99 SAR/AED

  • Pay within 30 days:
  • Split in 3 payments:

How to purchase Online using Tamara

Choose Tamara on the Payment Page

Pay within thirty days or in three payments over 60 days

Enter your data

ID and phone number for your first order and checkout in one easy step from there on out

Receive your order…and pay later!

Enjoy your purchase before having to pay for it

How do I follow up on my payments

Track and organize current and upcoming payments and receive payment reminders by downloading the Tamara App.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re older than 18 years of age and are a legal citizen or resident of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Kuwait, then yes, you are!

There could be several reasons, including but not limited to the following:
Your card isn't activated or fit for e-commerce
You have prior commitments to your bank/telecommunications company and/or are flagged by Simah/Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB)/Ci-Net.
You have unpaid bills from tamara
tamara's intricate risk system considers the value of your purchase too high.
The value of the items you're trying to buy exceeds the allowed limit.
If none of the above reasons apply to you, please try with a different card!

The store may have maximum or minimum purchase limits that prevent you from completing your order. We may also not have partnered with the store yet.