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Our wide variety of natural body moisturizers is the key to a daily moment of reflection. Their silky softness and light scents soothe your troubles away, taking you to a world of natural indulgence. Give your skin the love it deserves!

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Transform your daily routine into a spa-like moment

Almond Collection Loccitane

The Almond impact

L'OCCITANE Almond moisturizers are structured with advanced formulas that depends mainly on the power of natural ingredients to grante you with the needed moisturizatrion. With Almond products you can wash away the worries of dried skin.

Shea Collection Loccitane

At-home Nourishment

Upgarde your bodycare routine with L'OCCITANE Shea rich collection. Our intense body creams, lotion and oil will help you seal-in your body moisture for more comfort touch. 


For Smoother Skin

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Almond Milk Concentrate


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Body and bath gifts

Body and bath gifts