Immortelle Precious Emulsion Immortelle Precious Emulsion

The Power of light is Immortelle –
Power up for tightening skin & minimizing pores

Starting to notice large pores, fine lines and your skin is feeling less supple? The powered-up Immortelle Precious range is perfect for you, as it smooths and protects the skin from further damage. This line will strengthen the fundamentals of your skin whilst refining your skin texture. Precious is perfect for dry, normal, and combination skin so it can be used by anyone at any age!

Our Immortelle Precious range

Proven Results

Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

Satisfaction tested on 30 women.

- 90% noticed that the eye contour skin seems to burst with vitality & energy

- 90% agreed that the product seems to help the skin fight visible signs of aging

- 85% noticed that the dark circles look less visible


Immortelle Precious Cream

Satisfaction tested on 60 women.

- 100% noticed smoothed skin after just 2 weeks

- 98% agreed that the dehydration lines are less visible after 1 month

- 95% noticed that the enlarged pores look tighter after 1 month

- After 2 months, 100% agreed that the skin looked more plumped and resilient


Immortelle Precious Essential Water

Satisfaction tested on 32 women.

- 100% noticed that their skin feels toned-up

- 94% noticed that their skin seems to burst with vitality

- 94% noticed that their skin is moisturized

Immortelle Precious Emulsion Immortelle Precious Emulsion

From sun, to flower, to essence, to skin.

Our award-winning Immortelle collection is infused with luscious oil, offering complete solutions that brings instant suppleness and comfort to the skin.
L’OCCITANE’s powered up immortelle Precious Range with the mix of immortelle essential oil with immortelle aqueous extract to create the immortelle antioxidant superbomb obtained by a new, eco-friendly extraction process, lentil extract and micro-hyaluronic acid.

For every step of Aging, There's Immortelle

Precious Collection

Minimize pore appearance, plumps skin, and protect against external aggresors.


Divine Collection

Visibly firms skin, boosts radiance and evens skin tone.


Harmony Collection

Improves facial contours & definition, and enhances luminosity.